Author interview with Melissa Haag of ‘Fury Frayed’

Author Interview with Melissa Haag of ‘Fury Frayed’

A merging of Greek and Norse mythology, Fury Frayed is a face-paced paranormal romance about Megan, a seventeen-year-old girl with increasing anger issues. Her issues lead her to Uttira, a town hidden in Maine where the people are anything but normal. It doesn’t take her long to see just how much she fits in.

What will Megan find in this new town? Will she fit in? To see if this teen has found her place in life, I’ve been joined by Melissa Haag, author of Megan’s adventure in ‘Fury Frayed’. Melissa, I’d love to hear more about what inspired you to write about a seventeen-year-old and her adventures. What inspired you to write about this?

I have so many ideas swimming around in my head that I don’t even remember how it started. :)

Is it easier for us to start at the end then? What can readers expect to take away from all of the ideas that you’ve put to paper in this novel?

It’s not what I wanted to say but what I wanted to do. Books are escape. I just wanted to give a little.

Giving a little is a great reason to write! Do you find yourself full of energy in this giving process?

I’m usually energized when I start a book and exhausted when I end. lol

*Laughs* Is it fair to say that this energy and dedication to your craft has helped you develop a stronger voice as an author?

Definitely. I think it’s gotten clearer and stronger. But I’ll let the readers be the judge of that.

Practice makes perfect as well as a stronger author voice so it’s great to see that you’ve kept writing, and you’ll keep contributing in the future. I know we’ve run out of time today, but for readers who’ve read your work and can’t wait for the next book, can you share a taste of what’s on your plate now?

I’m currently working on The Howl, Eliana’s story, which is tied to the Of Fates and Furies series.

Exciting! More series which means more books, books, books! With so much to write, I’d better let you get back to it. Melissa thanks again for chatting with me, I can’t wait to see what’s coming up soon!

Excited to read the book we discussed today? Find it here on Amazon: ‘Fury Frayed ( ASIN: B0779LVJMH )‘.

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