Yaakov and the Treasures of Timna Valley (Peretz Family Adventures Book 2)

| March 12, 2019


Summer is almost over, but the heat is suddenly rising for Yaakov Peretz and his family.

A neighborhood bully and another shady character are planning something sneaky at a Southern California airshow.

Yaakov knows. He overhead them plotting. And it’s time to take matters into his own hands.

But soon his hands are really tied! Before they know it, the Peretzes find themselves hostage to a mysterious stranger known only as “Raul,” a man with something more devious up his sleeve.

Escaping capture is only the beginning. Yaakov and family soon uncover Raul’s conspiracy to wreak disaster in Israel’s Timna Valley Park, the site of King Solomon’s ancient copper mines.

The stakes are high! Yaakov will take nothing lying down. In a daring race against time, he’ll plunge into unfamiliar territory, battling live and robotic foes and more to defeat this evil scheme.

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