Hope in Oakland: Historical fiction novel (Book Series: Oakland Book 1) (Oakland Series)

| March 13, 2019


Cora Rood, prominent suffragette and Upper Canada’s first female lawyer, intends to fight for women’s rights in an arena where no woman has been permitted to fight before —Canadian Court.

Before she is sworn in as a barrister, Cora is handed an impossible case — represent Adeline Pitman in divorce court. Any lawyer who dares stands up to Adeline’s husband, Toronto’s most notorious crime boss, Eli Pitman, ends up dead.

Faced with no other alternative, Cora battles Eli. Defeated, she runs to avoid facing Eli’s hitman. Once in Oakland, Manitoba, she learns the King’s Bench is determined to destroy yet another innocent woman’s life.

As the clock ticks and her clients lives hang in the balance, Cora faces a devastating choice— forget her call to the bar, give up her dream of working as a barrister, and stay safe in Oakland or risk her life, return to Toronto to take her stand and raise her voice on behalf of all women, in Canadian court.

The Oakland Series:

  1. Hope in Oakland 
  2. The Night They Came For Til 


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