The Witch of the Prophecy

| March 15, 2019


The vampire whose heart beats for a witch that belongs to a wolf shall save us all. He shall take his throne and rule over all kinds. If not, the vampire who belongs to the witch will end all kinds.

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Divina’s had it with the prophecy.

Divina’s not convinced the prophecy is about her. Her manipulative vampire ex-boyfriend, Rori, is reluctant to give up his love for her to pursue the throne. Meanwhile, the wolf shifter meant to claim Divina doesn’t believe in the prophecy. However, he does believe Divina is his mate.

With the pressures of the prophecy and the most powerful coven in the present-day United States, Divina is left to choose between complying with the prophecy and mating with Aric—or leaving it all behind to allow the catastrophic possibility of supernatural beings getting exposed to humans.


The Witch of the Prophecy is the first in a Trilogy. Combining the angst of a love triangle with the drama of the supernatural and a splash of heated passion takes the reader on an exciting journey. The Witch of the Prophecy is perfect for fans of Charlaine Harris, L.J. Smith, and Stephenie Meyer.

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