Author interview with Victoria Jayne of ‘The Witch of the Prophecy’

Author Interview with Victoria Jayne of ‘The Witch of the Prophecy’

Combining the angst of a love triangle with the drama of the supernatural and a splash of heated passion takes the reader on an exciting journey. Divina, a witch, is approached by her ex-boyfriend, Rori, a vampire, to inform her that a prophecy has been set into motion and that she is the focus of the prophecy. Fed up with the prophecy, and fed up with Rori, Divina walks away and meets Aric, a wolf shifter. Unbeknownst to her, this follows the prophecy. The Witch of the Prophecy is perfect for fans of Charlaine Harris, L.J. Smith, and Stephenie Meyer.

What will this prophecy mean for Divina? Victoria Jayne, the author of ‘The Witch of the Prophecy’, has taken some time out of her day to help us make sense of this love triangle in our chat today. Victoria, what led you to write a dramatic love triangle tale?

I love shifter books. I love alpha males. I wanted to try my hand at writing one, and while I was looking for inspiration on Pinterest, I found an image of a woman dressed as a fortune teller. The image struck me, and I knew in my bones, that was Divina.

Pinterest is awesome! Once you had the vibe of Divina locked into your mind, how did the rest of them come to life?

Divina showed up first. Then came Rori. Chatty little guy, very well groomed. Maybe a little snobby. Aric showed up later, all laid back and chill. He kind of smells like sawdust.

*Laughs* Where things like the smells of your characters drawn from people or experiences from your own life?

I can’t say that I did. I mean aside from maybe the mannerisms of some of the characters may be based on some people I know, other than that, I can’t say anyone is solely based off any one person.

Do you really immerse yourself in the characters and their mannerisms as you write?

Yes, my characters are on my mind. I can see them. I can hear them. They are flowing through my fingers and onto the page.

Would you say that this flow onto the page is more of an energetic or exhaustive energy?

Depends on the scene. If its really emotional, it can drain me. If its really high energy and sexy, I’m energized.

What message has that energy help you share with readers in this book?

Even when it looks like everything is going against you, you still have a choice, and it may not be the obvious one.

By taking the choice to finish and publish this book, do you feel that your voice as an author has progressed, even if you’d felt like your characters at times and perhaps without the choice that you wanted to take?

I uh. I really don’t know. Though, the right answer seems to be yes? So um Yes.

I’m sure you progressed more than you think. Let’s make it easier, what was the single greatest thing that you took away from writing this book?

What happens after you publish the book. As an unpublished writer, I always imagined that once the book was published, someone else took care of the rest. Yeah, no one takes care of the rest. The rest is on the author’s shoulders as well. The website development, the social media presence, the marketing, its all on you baby.

It sounds like you’ve really gotten into this author branding.

Yes, I have done my darnedest to make a brand. I built my webpage, I am on Twitter, I do love Twitter though. I really appreciate the immediacy of the interaction there. I have a Facebook page, I do have an Instagram, but I’m not as familiar with that. I try though. I have Goodreads, Bookbub. I do my best to put my face out there.

Those are all fantastic moves! Another fantastic move to get traction is to write more books! What are you currently writing?

The sequel to the Witch of the Prophecy, the Wolf of the Prophecy is in the final editing stages and should be out by the summer of 2019. The final book in the trilogy, the Vampire of the Prophecy is still being written.

Exciting! Good luck getting those paranormal creatures to work together. You probably have some experience with paranormal beings after spending so much time in their world, so I wonder what kind of monster you would create if you were given the chance. And of course, what would you call it?

I did invent a monster. You’re going to have to read The Wolf of the Prophecy to meet him. He’s kind of cute.

That’s a fair bit of waiting! What taste of The Witch of the Prophecy can you leave us with today to tide us over until your next novel is released?

“She was never meant for you Rori,”

Oh, now that just begs a whole suite of questions that can only be answered by picking up a copy of The Witch of the Prophecy! Well, I’m off to do just that now Victoria. Thank you for sharing a taste of your world with us today, and I’m sure there are even more readers keen to pick up your work!

Excited to read the book we discussed today? Find it here on Amazon: ‘The Witch of the Prophecy ( ASIN: B07MMFMJJD )‘.

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