Three-Day Weekends are Murder (A Sister Sleuths Mystery Book 4)

| March 14, 2019


If you love smart women sleuths, murder and deception, and more twists and turns than a rough ride on a turbulent ocean – this book is for you!

Maddy was looking forward to spending the holiday weekend with her handsome detective boyfriend in their sleepy, beachside community….until she ran into the last person in the world she wanted to see – her ex-husband.

But when a woman is found strangled in his hotel room, she answers his call for help leading the sister sleuths into a weekend filled with con games, a cursed diamond and ruby necklace, a secret that could destroy a high-flying pharmaceutical company, and strained relationships all around.

This stand-alone novel is the fourth in the series featuring sister sleuths Lea and Maddy. Look for the other books in the popular mystery series including Murder at the Pier, Murder: Act Two, and Murder Western Style.

If you like Carolyn Dean, Mary Hiker, Dianne Harman, B.R. Snow, Agatha Frost or Ceecee James, you’ll love Rayna Morgan.

Here’s what readers are saying about Rayna Morgan’s Sister Sleuths Mystery books:

“The sneaky twists and turns are fabulous and keep you wanting to read on to find out what’s coming next.”–L Harrison

“The characters are likeable, colorful, interesting and full of energy.”–J Phillips

“It moves like a sidewinder from start to finish, and sinks its teeth into you without warning.” –Charles R.

“I can’t wait to read the other books in the series.”–Patricia M.

“I love the sisters, adore the dogs and the story line is nice and tight.”–J. R. Webber

“Rayna Morgan has a deft touch with making everything real.”–Brianna

“This is a fun story with a surprising ending.”–Sharon M.

“The sisters are fun to read.”–Dawn C.

If you love an exciting mystery with plot twists, humor, and a dash of romance, pick up Three-Day Weekends are Murder today.

The Sister Sleuth Mystery Series is featured in a number of Kindle categories, including: mystery thriller and suspense, women sleuths, cozy mystery, detective books, mystery, amateur sleuths, and cozy mystery box sets.

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