The Cloud

| March 14, 2019


Stranded with seven teens on an alien planet, Evelyn must fight to survive as she uncovers a plot that will change the course of human evolution …

Even after earning one of only 8 internships at top space company OrbiCor, teenager Evelyn has no reason to think she’s anything but ordinary. She’s programmed not to.

So when she and the seven other OrbiCor interns wake up on a newly-discovered planet after being drugged during their inauguration, Evelyn has no idea she’s been sent there for a reason. Or what that reason could be…

Compared to oxygen-depleted Earth the new planet is teeming with life; some friendly, some not… Unintentionally assuming the role of leader, Evelyn does everything she can to keep her new friends alive as they search for food and answers, but the longer she succeeds the more it looks like there’s no going home. Even the discovery that they are not the first to arrive on the planet is no consolation. The primitive humans the interns encounter seem to be enslaved by a digital entity calling itself ‘the Mind’. When the Mind captures one of the interns Evelyn goes on a rescue mission, only to learn she is somehow connected to the Mind, and she’s walking into a trap. Things quickly escalate out of Evelyn’s control as she uncovers a plot spanning light years and millennia. There is something much bigger going on than she ever expected, something that will change the very course of human evolution if she can’t stop it. Even the Mind is merely a pawn in the hands of the true powers that be, and Evelyn is starting to think she is too…

Set in the near-future, this past-paced action-adventure Sci-Fi is full of twists that will make you question your reality. The Cloud is perfect for fans of James Dashner’s Maze Runner series, and readers who enjoy turning pages.

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