Roses in December

| March 16, 2019


Roses in December. . . Clean, inspirational fiction that examines true love, enduring friendship, and the joy of family life.

After having suffered a terrible personal tragedy, Annie Aldridge tries to begin her life again with her anxious uncle and precocious young niece. Her newfound love for fellow college student Ethan Jackson fills her with hope, but whimsical Ethan, a man in search of himself, refuses to make a marriage commitment.

Just across the street, police detective Al Tortino admires Annie from a distance. But for Annie, the classically handsome neighbor and family friend is little more than an increasing annoyance in her troubled life. The harder Annie struggles to win over the elusive Ethan, the more hopelessly entangled her life becomes with the caring detective. Soon, despite the protests of her family, she loathes the very sight of Al and refuses to speak to him at all.

While Annie pines for Ethan, Al has the case of his career to solve: A maniac is attacking people on the streets of North Park. Al’s deepening love for Annie wears away at his pragmatic nature; but when the detective’s judgment finally slips, a terrible price may come for all to pay.

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