The Widow’s Husband

| March 16, 2019


Identifying the body in the morgue as her husband was easier than Sarah Tuttle thought it would be. Moving on with her life is much harder, made even more difficult by the fact that her husband just won’t leave her alone.

Allan Tuttle stepped out of his comfort zone to become the hero in his own story, and everything spiraled out of control from there. Now, he has to convince the police he isn’t dead and that he hasn’t killed anyone, not to mention save his faltering marriage, even while his wife continues to deny knowing who he is.

A body discovered just outside of town, is identified as Allan Tuttle by his wife. Detective David Parker, the lead investigator on the case, is conflicted by his need to be the good cop, his desire to get to know the new widow and his urge to hurt the creep who keeps claiming to be her dead husband.

As their focuses change from what was to what is, what will be is as blurred as the truths leading them there. In the end when their truths collide, will they be able to live with the result?


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