Dragon Removal Service

| March 17, 2019


The war is over, but with all the silly left-over magic running around the kingdom, things are ‘worser-than-worse’. Who’s going to clean it all up?

Eleven-year-old Gulchima Brixby thinks she’s the girl for the job.

She’s just inherited the family construction company, and they need the work. Fairy poo in the factory? Swan-maidens under the bridge? Pumpkins that strangle you in your sleep… How hard could it be?

It’s only magic…

This humorous fantasy will appeal to fans of Terry Pratchett’s Tiffany Aching books (Discworld Novels), and Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book. E.C. Stever is the author of several fantasy and science-fiction collections. This is his first novel.

“The humor of Pratchett, with an Estonian Twist.” – ARC review

“A cross between Ghostbusters and Harry Potter.” – ARC review

“Finally. A fantasy book set in Estonia.” – Rivo T., best bass guitarist in Estonia

“Like Pillars of the Earth, but waaaaay shorter. Also, this one has 1000% more dragons.” – ARC review

“Arm-pit-fart-noise monsters! Why didn’t I think of that?” – Everyone, after reading chapter 17

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