| March 17, 2019


Stephanie Courtland has two very secret, very dangerous girlfriends who haunt her life with extreme compulsions and mysterious blackouts. She doesn’t question what she does during these periods, but she dreams of blood on her hands. She has sharper memories of Ray Franklin, the man who molested her as a child and brutally killed her mother. The experience altered her in ways no one suspected and made her forever wary of men.

She’s about to face a deadly dilemma: Franklin is free from prison and there’s a new man in her life.

Marcus Graham is an ultra-wealthy investor and his selection of Courtland’s advertising agency for a multi-million dollar project is motivated by her creativity and beauty. The deal is a dangerous one: Graham’s former agency doesn’t like losing and will do almost anything, including murder, to regain his business. Courtland’s girlfriends react poorly to anything that threatens her and if she loses control of them what price will she be willing to pay? She’ll need to decide quickly – they’re all about to be caught up in a string of gruesome murders and a pair of killers heading for their doorstep.

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