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| March 18, 2019


A true, autobiographical story about love and loyalties in families and family businesses the world over; risk, luck, laughter, hard work – and what happens when the little guys take on the big guys. It is life – affirming, optimistic and uplifting; and it really did happen. It is also Very Funny Indeed. Sometimes intentionally. Got some top tunes in it as well! Here’s the story……

Towards the end of the last century in the UK, there was a modern – day gold rush; the rush to establish independent commercial radio stations in ‘virgin territories’ – or ‘white space’ – throughout the country.

Like Canal Mania and Railway Mania before it, the competition was cut – throat, the race headlong, the consequences unforgiving for the losers, life – changing for the winners. And the name of the game was Frequency Mania – the frantic scramble for control of the scarce FM radio frequencies which determined the rights to provide commercial radio services in regions right the way across the country. This being Britain, you couldn’t just go out and Do It – there were very powerful forces controlling the media – and a government regulator which seemed intent on keeping real power – the control of the mainstream media – within the hands of those who were, traditionally, the gatekeepers.

This is the story of two brothers who grew up in the former Nottinghamshire coalfield, whose efforts would define this desperate dash. Without the benefits of money, status or influence, they took on the power of an indifferent Establishment in pursuit of their dreams and in doing so, changed the broadcasting map of the country forever. From toddlers to pirate radio DJs, from rank outsiders to the very heart of the broadcasting business, this is a white – knuckle ride through the country’s opportunities and limitations, told with urgency and a finely – tuned sense of the ridiculous.

With a nod to Danny Baker’s ‘Going To Sea In A Sieve’, this land – based version of ‘The Boat That Rocked’ thirty years after is an affectionate and hilarious ‘Spinal Tap’ for UK radio. It has already topped an Amazon ‘best seller’ chart and sold hundreds of copies in paperback.

If you can read English, like a laugh and can appreciate what it is like to take on a huge challenge where the odds are permanently stacked against – and the goalposts keep moving – then you really ought to read this. Doesn’t matter where in the world you are; we’re dealing with universals here. Doesn’t matter if you don’t know the first thing about radio apart from listening to it occasionally; this book could be ‘about’ anything – it just happens to be ‘about’ radio.

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Steve and Paul

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