The Dragon Tree

| November 1, 2013


The Dragon Tree

The Dragon Tree

Book One of The Dragon Tree Chronicles

In a secluded town in the Pacific Northwest, three very different teens – Billy, Eva and Hiroki – discover a mysterious tree growing upside-down on an oceanfront cliff. Black and gnarled, the tree grew from the bones of a dragon that died on the spot centuries earlier.

One by one, they give into their curiosity and eat the forbidden fruit from the tree. The power from the juice courses through their veins and transforms them into dragons when the sun goes down.

At first the change is terrifying, but the teens soon learn how to use their new bodies and take flight under cover of night. Soaring over ocean waves and rolling forests is so exhilarating they forget the danger of being discovered.

Will the gift of the dragon tree turn out to be a curse?


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