PRESENTATION MAGIC: The quick and easy way to stand out right from the beginning (public speaking)

| November 2, 2013


PRESENTATION MAGIC: The quick and easy way to stand out right from the beginning (public speaking)

Reveal the magic of opening a presentation

If you are like me, presentation is something very frightening and usually result with another plain PowerPoint that will not be memorable and will not achieve the effect that potentially can be achieved.

** It is proven that the first minuets of a presentation make the biggest difference on the way you are perceived.

** Imagine that you master the magic of engaging your audience right from the start.

** Imagine that you will have the power to flip any plain, regular, boring presentation into a memorable session.

Many years ago I gave very boring presentations when I needed to, and I did not reach the results I could have achieved. I was so afraid of standing on stage and avoided it if I could.
After learning, practicing, going to leading seminars and practicing again, I have gathered hundreds of methods, tips and tricks that can upgrade your presentation. My presentations changed in scales! I am perceived as a professional and I teach presentation skills with amazing results and feedbacks.

Quick and proven technique to start a winning presentation

After buying this book and practicing the methods inside, you will be amazed by the change in your performance.
You will gain so many good feedbacks and your audience will engage with you right from the beginning.
The practical advice given in this book is Easy to implement.

I know what you are thinking, how can this be so easy? How can this be even possible? Can such a big change be made by just practicing the opening of a presentation? As a matter of fact it is easy because of the focus on the short part of your presentation – the opening. Once gaining confidence at the first few minutes, seeing the smiles, feeling the eyes, the rest of the presentation comes easy.
Don’t get me wrong! It is also important to study how to proceed after the opening and how to end with a WOW, but to begin with, practicing the opening of a presentation may give a huge impact, far more than you can imagine.
After you read this book you will not understand how you didn’t use this practice all those years and you will start using them right from your next presentation

Congratulations! You are entering a magical world

It is not by chance that you are reading these lines. It is where you ought to be.

While reading this book you will go through simple methods that are easy to implement and the results will show right in your next performance. With the examples given in the book, it will be easy for you to implement one of the methods:

* opening with a story

* Use numbers

* Use Humor

* Ask the right question

* visualize your opening

* Play to win

* Make a provocation

I will recommend to use one of them in each opportunity you have. Your presentation will change from a nightmare to a great game – you will want to talk! You will be the one looking for a stage to stand on. It’s fun!

About the author

Avi Salmon, is an engineering manager in a large international high tech company. Avi has more than 20 years of experience giving different kind of lectures and workshops including “leadership”, “innovation”, “constructive confrontation”, “Kid programming” and more. Avi has taught “presentation skills” inside his organization and externally to different forums. He is coaching individuals for effective presentation for technical conferences and general presentations. Many of his students and co-workers have found his methods effective. They have become more effective in presenting their topic and keeping their audience on the edges of their seat


After buying this book you can subscribe to a FREE rich set of information delivered constantly to your mailbox. Learning constantly, viewing other presenters and getting more and more tips will uplevel your presentation skills to a higher scale. Remember! Sign up.


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