No End (Post Apocalypse Stock Market, Book 1)

| November 2, 2013


No End (Post Apocalypse Stock Market, Book 1)

Society had enough; people aren’t stupid.

The rich get richer and the poor poorer. This is what happens when you stretch the temperament too far. Deep down they’ve had enough of running the hamster wheel. All they needed was a spark for everything to kick off: the stock market crash of 2015.

Things didn’t stop there; people wiping themselves out weren’t enough. It was as if Mother Nature wanted the job done. There’s a disease on the loose. If you catch it, you have six months to live. Except…if you can find the cure.

We follow the story of Clinton Filosy: just a normal man with a heart-breaking past. And things, are only getting worse…

Part 1: No End

Part 2: I Am Not Myself


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