Personal Transformation: 60 Days To Neverland – A True Motivational Journey Of Man’s Personal Transformation (1)

| November 2, 2013


Personal Transformation: 60 Days To Neverland - A True Motivational Journey Of Man's Personal Transformation (1)

It All Begins With Desire

When describing a personal transformation, many scholars throughout history have written about a motivational place that exists in the hearts and minds of mankind that can be found with a simple desire to want something more from life, and having the willful intention to seek out the truth. For centuries, the key to unraveling this mystery was a safely guarded secret, and it was not until more recent times, where these motivational and inspirational teachings emerged from individuals like Napoleon Hill, who introduced a new thought movement that would forever change the world.

Although, it has been called many things, Douglas W. Guy refers to his awakening as his Never-land, and invites you along on this 60 Day motivational journey to witness the events that would forever alter his life. As you follow his footsteps, you’ll discover the individual paths he took that were essential to uncover his one true destiny. Along these paths you’ll learn how to apply the knowledge he’s learned through his daily journal entries or short stories as he likes to call them, where each has a valuable lesson that can help you along your path to personal growth and discovery. This book challenges you to answer the question; what was I put here to do?

By taking the time each day over the next 60 days to record what is happening in your life, you’ll begin to appreciate its fullness with this spiritual new thought process. Creating these daily records allows you to slow things down, and analyze your thoughts and emotions in a different light. They will enhance your personal growth, and serve as your daily motivational and inspirational affirmations that are absolutely essential to your personal transformation. It enables you to put things into perspective, and discover what is meaningful, or what is not. It teaches you to be grateful for all the things you have in life, and helps you notice all the beauty that surrounds you always that may have once obscured your vision. No matter what your current circumstances, or situation may be right now, traveling 60 Days To Never-land will forever change your life too!


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