Author interview with Leslie Chiappetti of ‘Aging Sexy, 5 Steps to Feeling Younger as a Middle Aged Wife & Mom’

Author Interview with Leslie Chiappetti

Aging Sexy is a complete support system for every woman who has begun to feel that growing older does not allow her to be sexy, vivacious and sensual at this point in her life. This book is meant to be used, devoured and shared. We, as women are meant to feel delicious exactly as we are no matter what changes are happening to our minds and bodies.

Want to feel sensual again? Get inspired to feel younger with Leslie Chiappetti as she shares some of the tips in her book ‘Aging Sexy, 5 Steps to Feeling Younger as a Middle-Aged Wife & Mom’. Leslie, what inspired you to help women feel sexier through your written work?

This book began as my own struggle of getting older. I hate the term “middle-aged”, but we use it to describe a deflating ego and a movement into a weaker time. I found my strength and, at 47, I am reveling in my own wisdom and sexiness.

Tell us a little bit more about this wisdom that you share in the book. I’d love to know how it came from your life.

At 47, I am using the steps from my book to stay in my sexy, goddess mindset. I use every day as an opportunity to take a step. Some days the step is backward and some days it is sideways. I always do my best and I always forgive myself for being human.

Was the importance of trying your best and forgiving yourself the central important messages that you wanted to share with readers, or there another message you hope readers hold onto instead?

Sexy is about our own self worth and value. It is not about the number on the scale or a size off the rack. Sexy is an attitude and self-confidence that comes with age. As women, we can begin to use what we have learned throughout our lives as strength and not weakness. Wrinkles are not something to be erased. Self-judgement is.

Never erase those wrinkles! Self-worth, self-judgement and value are really huge areas to explore that can often take a lot of time. Thinking about the book, what did you learn from writing it?

As women, we can help each other feel gorgeous, sexy, delicious and strong. The test group I used for this book followed every step and had immeasurable success after completing the 5 steps!

Wow, seeing your steps in action must be amazing! Did you find that looking foward to things like this kept you energised as you wrote?

I immerse myself in writing and I feel full and satisfied when I am able to express and share my thoughts and feelings.

As you look back on the progress of this book and your writing beforehand, how do you feel that your ability to express yourself as a writer has improved over time?

I began as a poet at age 12 and I have used my voice via writing to create emotions and vivid imagery ever since.

Let’s see if we can see a little of that vivid imagery in action right now with an unexpected question or two, like if you invented a monster what would it look like and what would you call it?

Its name would be Love. The Love Monster. It would provide love, hugs, cuddles, and support when we need it,

Now I could use one of them! Or maybe two! But perhaps instead of them, we could all find a little more love through your book. Leslie, can you share a taste of this book today to help us get a little closer to that love monster.

“What you seek is seeking you” Rumi

And hopefully, we can all find what we seek! Leslie, thanks so much for sharing a little love and self-love with us today, and I can’t wait to see it make the world a more positive place.

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