The Deathweaver: Heirs of the Frost

| March 31, 2019


Our story begins deep in the forest, in the North of the land of Thessian.

Here live the Hybrids. A small, forgotten group of warriors that battle for survival. To some, they are just the consequence of the war between the elves and the humans. To some, they are an abomination and an affront to the Four Elements.

One day, two elves come to their gates with an offer from their king. They are turned down by everyone, expect by Ralael. A silent and young Hybrid with big dreams and an iron will. The trio departs by night for Frost Orchard, crown city of the Ice Elves.

That very night, a young elven girl by the name of Naal sleeps peacefully in the King’s Palace. She’s the reason the two elves came to the Ralael’s home. He doesn’t know her. She doesn’t know him. But before the end, they will risk death or worse to save one another.

Thessian is a place of many marvels and even more dangers. If a nice tale, a cold and gentle forest and the story two unlikely companions are what you’re looking for, this might just be the book for you”

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