Understanding Bobby’s Autism Diagnosis

| April 2, 2019


  • A brief, easy to understand, straightforward summary of the key features of an Autism diagosis     

  • Suitable for younger readers as well as adults who are looking to further their understanding of ASD

          An Autism diagnosis  may be challenging to understand, both for professionals as well as caregivers.

          Despite the reported high prevalence of Autism (approximately 1 in 70 according to many sources) children with this diagnosis can be vulnerable to being judged by mainstream standards, as opposed to being supported through efforts to understand their unique ways of learning and relating to their peers and environment.

           I hope that Understanding Bobby’s Autism Diagnosis: A social story, will contribute to more discussions/reflections around this topic, more understanding and less judgment; celebrating this year’s Autism Awareness Month through making the world a more supportive place for the special children with this diagnosis.


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