Shark Lover

| November 3, 2013


Shark Lover

What if you finally met the love of your life and a few months later he went missing?

Cathy meets Marc in a marine biology class and it’s love at first sight. She and Marc have so much in common with their love of animals, marine biology and missing a father in their life.

Even though her father left her, Cathy is still fearless and determined. Once she meets Marc, she realizes he is a man she can trust and she starts to become the strong woman that she once was.

Cathy also has a love for sharks. Marc is terrified of everything about the ocean, but with Cathy’s help he starts to realize sharks aren’t as bad as they seem.

After his father died, Marc gave up his dreams of becoming a professional surfer. When he meets Cathy, he feels motivated to get back in the water and try once again to regain who he was. Through each other, Cathy and Marc are able to feel whole again.

Everything is perfect, until Marc mysteriously disappears. Cathy has no idea where he has gone or if he will ever come back.

Will she ever find the love of her life or has he left for good?

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