| April 4, 2019


A twisting tale of love, friendship, and dark secrets, set in twentieth century Geelong as well as fifteenth century Florence. Sometimes, the happy endings belong to the friends, not the lovers.

As Ally Lamore recovers from her latest suicide attempt, her four best friends from childhood gather to help. Now, almost sixty, they are desperate to have Ally back in their lives after spending thirty years searching for her. From humble beginnings in Geelong, they rose to power and fame, and they know they owe their success to Ally. Having failed her once before, they will do anything to support her this time. They listen to her story of the man she loved all her life – a man who lived five hundred years ago. Is it the greatest love story of the millennium or a symptom of her mental illness? Sometimes, to help those they love, friends will believe the impossible.

In their youth, they ignored her obsession with the people of Renaissance Florence, and now they want her to speak of it, believing it could be her path to healing. She weaves a captivating story around Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Botticelli, Machiavelli, Savonarola, and Lorenzo de’ Medici, slowly moving towards the dark secrets of her childhood that set everything in motion.

Wonder at the magnificence of the man she calls Zo, and fall in love with her friends. Perhaps, the greatest love of all is found in friendship.

From the author of Muted – a sweeping tale of an outback man who doesn’t speak, and a New York lawyer who has forgotten how to feel. Between them lies the fate of 1,200 stallions bred by her family’s pharmaceutical company for the production of their revolutionary new drug, Stablex. Despite their conflict, the adversaries develop a friendship, even love, and – sometimes – you don’t discover how much you love someone until you lose them.

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