How to Create a WordPress Website from Scratch: The Complete Beginners Guide

| November 3, 2013


How to Create a WordPress Website from Scratch: The Complete Beginners Guide

Are you scared by the thought of starting a website? Do you think that only web designers and programmers are the only ones who can build functioning, quality websites? WRONG. Harry Lucas runs you through the step by step process for starting and running your own website using the WordPress platform, with How to Create a WordPress website from Scratch: The complete beginners Guide.

Into today’s modern age, everyone needs a website. Whether it be for a business, or self promotion, having a website will allow you to reach a larger audience. No more, can you simply rely on word of mouth to promote your product/business. It is becoming paramount in the 21st century to have website and those with one are doing much better then those without. Are you really willing to let your competitors leave you behind in the dust? If not, you need to grab How to Build a WordPress website from Scratch; The complete beginners Guide by Harry Lucas and start tapping into the larger market!

The book is completely newbie friendly, so anyone is able to pick up the book and get their own website up and running in just a few hours! Harry has detailed every step of the way for you, to ensure that nothing is confusing and the you fully understand every aspect of starting your own website. Anyone who follows the steps in this book will be able to have their own functioning website, AND be confident running and using it.

Here is an outline of what the book will teach you:

Chapter 1: Why we use wordpress

Chapter 2: Buying and Settin up a domain and web hosting

Chapter 3: Installing WordPress

Chapter 4: An Overview of WordPress

Chapter 5: Adjusting your sites settings

Chapter 6: Changing the Appearance of your site

Chapter 7: Plugins

Chapter 8: Adding Pages and Posts

Chapter 9: Adding Media

Chapter 10: Users


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