| November 3, 2013



Following the success of his bestselling political thriller DOMINATUS, author D.W. Ulsterman offers readers this epic tale of survival in the shadow of the global domination that is the New United Nations.

Taking place in the not too distant future, the survivors of Dominatus Alaska set out across the former Canadian provinces to locate a mysterious priest who is said to have obtained a secret weapon that could greatly damage the military drone domination of the globalists. It is a story of hope, redemption, ever increasing danger, and the ongoing search for freedom and liberty.

Will the former residents of Dominatus survive yet another challenge? Can they help to secure victory for the emerging Texas Resistance as it seeks to free itself and others from the tyranny of the New United Nations? And will Mac Walker, facing the greatest enemy of his life, be able to complete one final mission…


“FIVE STARS – Spellbinding and chilling, fiction transcending to reality.” -Brie A Garber

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