Max and the Car

| April 6, 2019


Max and the Car

Little children will like this 5-minute bedtime story about a curious and kind little boy called Max. English learners and beginning readers will also enjoy reading it because it is written in a simple way.
One day Max and his mom go for a walk in the rain. Max finds a wet car in the sandbox. He takes it home to play with.
Will Max keep this car? Read the book to find out!
You can read it on your PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet or Kindle device.
“Max and the Car” by Anna Mitkevich is a 3 in 1 book:

  • A cute short story with a True or False? exercise at the end to involve children or English learners in the story
  • A picture book with follow-up questions and answers to develop children’s speaking skills and test their understanding of what has happened in the story
  • A reader with simple words and illustrations. English learners will grow their vocabulary and learn English the fun way.

This 5-minute bedtime story is written by the creator of “Little Angel Reader”. It is one of the first YouTube channels with read-aloud books. Since the YouTube policy regarding read-aloud books has recently changed, most of the videos have been deleted. Now you can only find read-aloud books written by Anna Mitkevich herself and other independent writers there who ask her to create read-aloud videos for their books and post them on YouTube.
If you are looking for good short bedtime stories for kids, or for a fun reader for beginning readers, or if you learn English with stories, children’s books written by Anna Mitkevich are a great choice.
So what are you waiting for? Download your copy today and please leave a review! Have fun reading!

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