The Ossuary: a novel

| April 7, 2019


The Ossuary by Violet Isley

A gripping breakout Mystery!

Texas architect BJ McNally is frantic.

Her boss and friend has committed suicide and now she must finish his last project, a massive library/museum left in chaos, due to open in ten days. But BJ doesn’t believe Steven killed himself.

The opposite.

He’d been desperately trying to stay alive long enough to hide a relic—a miracle-making bone box. If he failed, there are those who would expose it and perpetrate the biggest fraud to hit Christendom in 2,000 years. BJ can’t let that happen.

As she comes closer to recovering the ossuary, she finds that the conspirators want it badly enough to destroy her for it. Her quest is made even harder when she’s confronted with the possibility that, after many years, her abducted son’s body has been discovered in a Nevada desert.

The hours to the project’s grand opening are ticking away, and she’s more certain that her friend was murdered. The race to find the bone box is on, and the killer is relentless. But so is BJ.

A fight to the death leaves her on the brink. Can the ossuary pull her back?

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