Author interview with C.C. Bolick of ‘Leftover Girl’

Author Interview With C.C. Bolick of ‘Leftover Girl’

Found on a dark highway at four – high school is tough enough without being the girl who can’t remember her past. After moving to a new town, Jes makes a friend with an amazing secret. He’s from another planet and searching for a missing girl who might be her. Could she be on Earth by mistake?

Is the life that Jes is leading on Earth right? Or does her destiny lie on another planet? To introduce us to Jes, C.C. Bolick author of ‘Leftover Girl’, has kindly dropped into to discuss a little of what lies in store for Jes. But first, let’s set the scene by going back to the start. What sparked your interest in this tale?

While growing up, it was a family joke that I was adopted. During my teen years, I told my parents I planned to write a book about a girl who was adopted. Her life would be more interesting than mine, or course. She’d have to face all of the normal high-school drama, but with a fantastic twist that made her special. Fifteen years later, I wrote that book.

Wow, it sounds like this book is straight from your own life!

Yes, more than I would like to admit.

*Laughs* I can understand that. Are the characters drawn also from your own life?

Often characters come to me in dreams.

Do you find it easy to share the lives of characters from your dreams, or is it hard work?

Getting the book on paper exhausts me. Reading back the text and feeling the emotions energizes me.

As you read back this book, what central ideas kept popping up for you?

Two things, actually. Being alive is worth every second and one person really can change the world for the better.

What have you learnt about changing the world for the better, or other points in general, while you were writing this book?

How hard it is to write a book. And lonely. Dreaming up the action and dialog is fun, but I’ve discovered a love/hate relationship with my keyboard.

What thoughts tend to pop-up in your head as you’re battling with those ideas of love and hate?

Getting the stories out of my head. The only way for me to move on to the next story is to get the current one written down.

How has your author voice progressed as you’ve kept working on each story to get to the next one?

I’ve practiced the craft and realized my weaknesses. I don’t know about author voice, but I can’t get the voices in my head to shut up.

Do the voices talk in you in such a way that you can clearly see your own author brand emerging?

When I’m ready to slow down on my writing and come up for air, I will focus on brand. For now, I’m just trying to get the stories out.

As brand hasn’t been defined yet, what can readers who like your work find out about your current story that you’re working on sharing with the world?

It’s called Fear Justice (The Fear Chronicles Book 1).

Oooh, a new series! I’m sure it will be a tonne of fun that will get readers excited for so much more time to come. But before that, you’ll have to get the tale published which means we need to wrap up our chat here so you can return to your keyboard. C.C., thanks for sharing a taste of your world with us today, and I can’t wait to share more of your tales in the future.

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