Night Night Klaus & The Mushroom Forest : Help Kids Look Forward to Bedtime: (Bedtime Story Children’s Picture Book 1)

| April 8, 2019


Help Kids Look Forward to Bedtime by joining Klaus on his Dream Adventures!
In book one, Night Night Klaus & The Mushroom Forest, young Klaus has another one of his amazing dreams, where he is a flying small elephant. This time he finds himself in a mushroom forest and meets a spider who desperately needs Klaus’ help to find her missing 8th shoe.
To make the story extra fun, there are ladybeetles hiding throughout the story. Can you count how many? If you think you know the answer to how many there are, go to our website and enter the ladybeetle competition and you might win a prize!
This book also comes with a FREE Audiobook read-along download, with chimes to turn the page and music as well!
Read by the author E.E. Bertram. Download yours here.
This series is brought to you by Conscious Fiction – from small seeds, big minds grow.


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