SPELLBOUND II, The Calling: A time travel dark fairy tale, thriller

| April 9, 2019


Clip: Bloody Tears

Jake rode through the forest like a seasoned rider. It was foggy and dense and getting harder to see, so he slowed down.
Then through the mist, he could see the figure of a woman wearing a hooded cloak walking ahead in the woods. Most likely, she was a woman from the burned village going for help. He increased his pace to offer assistance. As he came closer and was about to call out to her, the woman spun around and faced him,

“Oh crap!” Jake tugged on the reins so hard, he was thrown off the horse again… It was one of them, it was Nubia, “…this witch is gonna kill me!”


A Chicago teen on his senior trip to a castle is invested with power when he finds a magical amulet and is transferred back medieval times to help a white witch against three evil power-hungry witches….

who …accidentally, travel back with him, to Chicago… as a two-headed dragon!

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