Meditation For The Mind, Body & Soul

| April 10, 2019


Meditation For Your Mind, Body & Soul

Meditation for the Mind, body & Soul is a book for the beginner who wishes to investigate what Meditation is all about. Its not a total encyclopedia on the subject but a basic account of what Meditation is. Why we do it. How it can benefit you and how you can start to do it to make your life less stressful and clear your mind and learn how to relax. The book aims to help you understand Meditation through physical, mental benefits. Help emotional steadiness and how Meditation brings harmony through creation. The book will also go into a little history about Meditation to give you an understanding of its origins and how long it has been around doing its magic on people and bettering their lives.
This book is an important start for anyone wishing to get into Meditation and the best place to start your new journey combating stress. So sit back, relax, learn and inwardly digest the information in this book and look forward to a new life of Meditation. You will not be disappointed and won`t look back.

Some Of The Subjects Covered Are…………

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