The Happy Cog: A Happiness Guide for Working 9-5

| April 11, 2019


A Happiness Guide for Working 9-5

You know that you are capable of more than you have given.

In this book, you are going to learn that you are more than just a cog. With simple exercises and asking the right questions, I can help you to re-ignite the fire of belief. By the end of this book, you will have learned how you can shift your thinking while at work to not only be productive, but happy. This is a journey of becoming a happy cog in a place you never thought possible, the job you are at.

Can we really be happy working for someone else?

Many of us who have been in work roles that felt meaningless can relate to feeling unengaged. Showing up for a job uninspired and unenthused is a grind. After enough time goes by, it’s hard to believe that there is any possibility to feel different.

The reality is many of us aren’t taking the time to understand what it is we want. As we start this inward journey to understanding how to be happy at work, we will have to ask ourselves questions.

Inside you will learn….

  • The right daily approach
  • How to be consistent
  • Planning and executing
  • Building connections
  • Confidence
  • Enjoyment in what you do
  • You can do better!

    This isn’t about jumping ship and finding the dream job elsewhere. We aren’t looking for greener grass or finally starting your own business. Instead, we are learning how to maximize our capabilities inside the organization we are currently at. This is a book about giving it your best where you are, while you are there. Along the way, you will discover passions and strengths you didn’t know you had!

    Become a Happy Cog Today

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