The Lost and Found Journal of a Miner 49er: Vol. 1

| April 12, 2019


In 2013, Jack Dublin and family traveled to the Grand Canyon for a week of whitewater rafting. When a monsoon rolled in, forcing them to higher ground, they sheltered in a cave unseen for nearly 150 years. Inside they found several journals from the time of the Gold Rush that revealed lost treasures of the ages scattered from sea to shining sea (and deep beneath them as well). The legends told of explorers who harnessed ship and beast and rail to lay hold their dreams on a merciless frontier; exploits that elevated ordinary men into heroes, and the undoings that destroyed the rest. One man lived long enough to record the greatest history never told… until now. Discover why an anonymous authority calls the journals “the greatest discovery since the Dead Sea Scrolls.”

In The Lost and Found Journal of a Miner 49er, Vol. 1, Jack Dublin charms us into a world of Christian-themed folklore stretching from the outback of Australia to the Island of California. Along the way, we encounter mythical creatures, from wish-granting mermaids and red-haired giants, to talking coyotes and a dreadful Canyon Sphinx. We relive exploits of powerful rulers and infamous outlaws who (though their names be lost to history) entangle themselves in our imaginations with the likes of Abe Lincoln and Billy the Kid. Join the rush!


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