Kizmo the Chimp Goes Into Outer Space

| April 16, 2019


Are you concerned with how well your child listens to instructions? Sometimes children forget and don’t fully realize the consequences of their actions Kizmo, Going into Outer Space is a children’s story about a little boy who doesn’t listen to his parents. Kevin ends up sobbing because his pet chimpanzee is lost. Don’t worry, everything works out, but not before children understand the value of listening and taking responsibility, to do the right thing. A cute and emotional story about a chimpanzee who accidentally goes into outer space.

This is a story about teaching children how to think ahead and avoid consequences which will make them sad. Learning that actions have consequences isn’t always the easiest lesson for young children to grasp. Some adults are still learning this lesson! The story emphasis the sadness Kevin feels when no one at the Space Station can find his pet chimpanzee.


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