Bad Vintner (Foodie in Love Book 1)

| April 17, 2019


My father gave me three months.
Three months to hang up my bachelor ways and settle down.

My life revolves around the vineyard, partying, and beautiful women, all of which that has me in hot water with the company’s investors. After one too many scandals, my father gave my brothers and I an ultimatum—either settle down to portray the family image he built Young Enterprises on or we can forget about inheriting it.
I don’t do relationships. Not since having my heart broken in Nice 17 years ago by Eleanor, the sassy French beauty that I still can’t get over.
With Eleanor in California for a wedding, this is the perfect opportunity to rekindle an old flame that never burned out. Except she’s brought a surprise with her.
A 16-year-old daughter.
My daughter.
I have two weeks to win over Eleanor and my daughter before they return back to France.
If I fail, not only will I lose my chance to inherit my father’s vineyard, but a second chance with my new family.


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