The Cat with no Tail

| April 17, 2019


The Cat with No Tail

Ah. But now there’s a tale to be told
When sadly, no tails are there sold.
He yelled: “It’s time to be bold,
a new tail I must hold”

Back in the 80’s, when my boys wanted a story at bedtime, I made up this story. Now, two retired engineers have perfected the story with rhyme and illustrations. You will enjoy this story of the quest of a tailless cat to construct a tail with the help of a variety of new friends he meets on his adventure.

This story will inspire your child and help them develop their innate talents of perseverance, ingenuity, friendship making and creative thinking. (Well, at least it did for my two sons, who grew up to become a Software Engineer and a Biological Science PhD).

You will find the book is also a great opportunity to enjoy some expressive reading time with the special little person in your life. The story has great pacing and fun rhymes. Eventually, the little one might take to reading it for himself.


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