Betrayal (Corrupt Empire Book 1)

| April 17, 2019


It all started one dark night. The last night I saw my family. The night I met him. The only man to haunt my every moment.


I witnessed something I was never meant to see.

He took me.

He broke me.

He made me his.

And now he wants to use me to bring down my family.


I was never meant to have her.

The daughter of the scum who stole my life.

I took her.

I broke her.

I made her mine.

And now she’ll do anything I say.

One tattooed anti-hero gets caught up in a whirlwind with an innocent heiress. It’ll keep you on your toes with its web of lies and secrets.

If you’re a fan of dark romance, dive into Betrayal, the first book in the explosive Corrupt Empire Series.


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