Sunflower Signs Part I

| April 17, 2019


In our darkest hour, can a deceased love offer guidance?

Emily Mason has never gotten over the death of her childhood love, Danny – though he passed away almost nine years ago. It’s normal to grieve, but Emily continually turns to her deceased love whenever she’s upset – often sleeping on his grave for comfort. Emily’s older sister, Ericka, holds a unique gift that alerts her whenever Emily is in peril – which is often. Her fears are many – she’s terrified of people dressed in costumes, thunderstorms, and she refuses to drive a car – preferring to take her bike on errands. Emily relies on her reluctantly psychic older sister to save her on an almost daily basis.

Just when Emily’s life begins to completely unravel, Danny leaves her a sign that can’t be ignored. Emily is faced with making a decision that will take her far away from the security of her sister’s care, and the comfort of being near Danny’s final resting place.

Sunflower Signs is a quirky, funny, and emotional three-part series about love, family, and the connections we keep with those who have passed over to the other side.

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