Orion’s Dawn

| April 17, 2019


In the ashes of war, humanity enters a new age…

Jason Cassidy is one of the finest pilots in the fleet. In the final days of the Earth-Centauri War, his world’s turned upside down when his best friend meets a catastrophic end on a treacherous mission.

Three years later the down-on-his-luck war veteran receives word of a clue to his death, but it’ll mean traveling to the edge of known space.

To get there Jason asks his estranged brother for help and returns to his childhood home–the Cargo Ship Argo.

If you enjoy gritty space adventure and tales of intrigue in the vein of Firefly and The Expanse, you’ll love Orion’s Dawn – the first book in Robert C. James’s Frontier’s Reach series.

Buy Orion’s Dawn today to follow the adventures of the Argo’s crew as they delve beyond the Reach and usher in a new dawn…

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