She Got Me: Deja

| April 18, 2019


An unplanned pregnancy, a one-night stand and no one knows what happens next…

Malik found true love or did he? Deja was the piece to his puzzle and the perfect match in his eyes. Malik finds out the hard way that the weakness of lust has no excuses.

Malik’s baby brother – DeShawn tells him to go and socialize at his lit twenty-third birthday party. In Atlanta, everybody has a good time and for some reason, Malik’s been feeling down lately. This young king knows it will wear off soon but maybe sooner than he expected.

There’s a girl he’s been checking out all night, watching her sexy dark curvy body as she dances and drinks alone. It’s the perfect opportunity to get to know her and after DeShawn’s pushiness, Malik finally stepped up. What he never guessed that this melanin queen would be the best birthday gift he would receive all night.

The one-night stand was steamy, explosive and hot as it could be. Days later, Deja turns up to Malik’s house pregnant.

Is it Malik’s baby or not? If it’s his, will both find promising love in a rushed steamy love affair or will someone be destined for a heartbreak?


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