Hearts Afire

| April 20, 2019



Jilted on my wedding day. Check.

Fire alarm set off flooding my catering business. Check.

Crying on the shoulder of a hot fireman. Check.

None of these things were on my to-do list and yet I’ve crossed them off anyway. Now I’m off on my honeymoon to a tropical island with my wild sister in tow and who should I see at the airport but the fireman. I’m trying to escape my embarrassment, but it won’t seem to leave me alone. Let’s hope there are enough cocktails on the island to help me.


Attracted to the tear and water-soaked bride. Check.

Meet her on my island escape. Check.

Discover she’s my new neighbour. Check.

I can’t have a relationship with this woman and I’m doing my best to resist but somehow, she keeps popping up everywhere I go making my resolve to resist her harder to keep. I’m not who she thinks I am but maybe she’s exactly what I need.

Hearts Afire is a fun stand-alone friend to lover’s romance featuring a jilted bride, a sexy fireman, a tropical island, a fear of the ocean, a fear of commitment and a happily ever after.


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