| November 5, 2013




New Englander Dwight Delaney, traumatised by his mother’s unsolved murder, longs to forget his troubled past. He leaves the States and buys a country house set in Southern England, in the outstandingly beautiful West Sussex woodlands. But he can’t escape the memories which well up in his mind.

The woods, serene and captivating, are exactly what Dwight is looking for. He’s also thrilled to come across neighbours Valerie Brooke and her gorgeous seventeen-year-old daughter Emily. He soon makes friends with them.

But his beloved Labrador Sheba noses out weird happenings in the woods. The uncanny parallels between past and present well up in Dwight’s mind. At first they’re startling, then uncomfortable and, eventually, threatening. Dwight recognises a disturbed personality is roaming the Sussex woods and that this can only end in tragedy.

Dwight warns Valerie that both she and Emily are in real danger. Valerie brushes that aside. As far as she’s concerned the woods are safe and sheltering. But Dwight senses evil lurking, feels it. Has bad luck followed him across the Atlantic?

Then Emily is stabbed and rushed to hospital. Valerie is convinced she knows who’s responsible, and that he’s also the woodland ghoul.

Events prove her wrong. The atrocities escalate, and Dwight’s troubled past alerts him that something dreadful, sinister and completely overwhelming is just about to happen.

When it does he’s shocked into a new consciousness. The final climax is a double twist which is as astonishing to Dwight as it is to everybody else.

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