Elise´s Tales – A story for the little ones – Inés And Her Avocado

| April 21, 2019


Ines is a little girl who lives in a small French village and has her cat, Berlioz, as her best friend. One day, while playing in her garden, the pair discover a strange object.

Nobody knows what it is, but Ines thinks it may be a vegetable and soon she is poring over her book on plants and finds that it is an Avocado and it isn’t a vegetable after all, but a fruit.

Excited by her discovery, Ines decides that she wants to cultivate an Avocado tree from the seed inside it. Growing one isn’t as easy as she first thought, but with the help of her grandma Ines is determined that she will raise her first ever tree.

Will Ines be able to prepare the right environment to germinate her seed and start growing her Avocado?
She’s going to need patience and be prepared to wait, but it will be worth it in the end.

This lovely children’s book is packed with adorable characters and bright images that children of all ages will love. And with instructions on how you can germinate seeds and the stages required, your child could be growing their very own tree too.

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