The Breakup Effect

| April 21, 2019


Starting today, I pledge to become more-more of what my boyfriend wants. I plan to revamp, redo, and remodel one area of my life every month. I already have the categories listed, my very own 12-step program to a new me. And I intend to stay on track by keeping this blog …
Those are the words typed in the dark and desperate early hours of the New Year. After her boyfriend walks out the morning after Christmas, Anna is not only left alone but confused. In the days following his abrupt departure, Jason has failed to return like all the times before. Convinced she can get him back, she makes the ultimate New Year’s resolution: a plot to makeover and change every part of herself to better suit his needs.

With plans to journal her progress in an online blog, Anna sets a goal to completely transform herself and reclaim Jason as her own. But what is meant to be a private journey toward reconciliation soon becomes a very public one filled with second-guesses and unexpected challenges. And the more she delves into what she believes to be wrong with her, the closer Anna comes to discovering who she is meant to be.

Engaging and relatable, The Breakup Effect is a contemporary tale of love and self-discovery with all the hope and fear that goes along with it.

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