Duchess Pleasures: A Collection of Regency Romances

| April 23, 2019


A collection of four heartwarming, page turner regency romance short stories set in an age of elegance, chivalry and romantic intrigue.

The Duchess Runaway: With no way out of the upcoming wedding to Lord Southerland, in what cruel ways will fate intervene to ensure Eleanor’s happiness while maintaining her allegiance to her family traditions?

The Earl’s Runaway Bride: An Earl to lazy to attend his wedding day, his handsome brother that has an eye on his gorgeous wife-to-be, and there you have fireworks! Who will Melanie marry and be happy with?

The Secretive Duchess: In an age where social scandal and malicious gossip can ruin a lady’s life, how will the widow Parker explain her strange pregnancy and keep the attention of the enamoured Henry?

The Passion Of A Gentleman: Take one boisterous but bored young aristocratic lady with a mischievous plan to net herself a hunk of an Earl, who has his family and decorum to think of. Throw in meddling a noble but meddling family, and it’ll take extraordinary passion and desire to make love work!

Download this riveting and inspiring collection of stories of honor, love and hope among the aristocracy during the glory days of England!


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