Chameleon Days: The camouflaged and changing emotions of a woman unleashed

| April 23, 2019



“Be seen, not heard,” is what her Mother said. However, for this poet, her Mother’s words fell on deaf ears. K.L. Loveley is a woman unleashed and her words will be heard. Love, romance, pleasure, desire, loss, betrayal, anger, and pain. K.L. Loveley explores her changing and sometimes camouflaged emotions within her debut poetry collection. 

“Go places, seek pleasure, wine, dine, and dance.
Defer gratification for a fine romance.
Blend into the crowd, not noticed, not seen.
Camouflage complete; a chameleon’s dream.”


K.L. Loveley began writing this collection of Poetry in 1997, a period of her life when she felt full of emotions and extremely philosophical about life. She is the author of two novels: Alice (published in February 2017) and Love, Secrets, and Absolution (published in November 2017).

She is an avid reader of fiction and poetry, her favourite poets include: Sylvia Plath, Emily Bronte, and Carol Anne Duffy.  K.L. Loveley has recently become fascinted by spoken word poetry and has been reading and listening to Hollie McNish and a variety of poets featured on Button Poetry.


Chameleon Days is beautifully illustrated by the Nottinghamshire artist Elvina Dulac. She is passionate about literature, theatre, and art. Elvina is a mixed-media artist and photographer who takes inspiration from the natural world.


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