Love on the Counter

| April 25, 2019


Stranded on Earth alone, Kaleth is on the verge of depression. He misses his home, his friends, and most of all his boyfriend. Having been trapped on this strange planet for over a month, he’s losing hope of ever getting back.

One night, while trying to drink his sorrow away, he meets Grecious—a bartender who’s more than a little interested in him. And something about this easy-going stranger makes him difficult to resist.

When what should have stayed as just a one-time drunken mistake turns into something much more complicated, Kaleth finds himself torn between the home he’s always known and what begins to feel like a new one on Earth. But while being with Grecious means lying about who he is and where he’s from—and who he’s left behind—Kaleth might not be the only one with a guilty conscience.

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