The Friend in Need

| April 26, 2019


Why did Mr. Sherlock Holmes murder the well-known financier, Lord Featherston? Or, did he? The Metropolitan Police think so, and they have detained the renowned sleuth upon a charge of murder. Dr. Watson is convinced of his friend’s innocence. Brother Mycroft is debilitated with gout and senseless with laudanum and so, he cannot help.

That leaves only one man to save Holmes — France’s most accomplished crime solver of the Belle Epoque, Gerard de Montclaire. But, Montclaire hesitates to help, remembering that Holmes has publicly slandered his mentor, C. Auguste Dupin (The genius who broke the case of “The Murders in the Rue Morgue”), calling him “an inferior fellow”.

Only Watson’s heartfelt pleas–and the interesting nature of the crime itself–are able to move the Frenchman. Together with his associate, Sir Francis FitzMaurice, Montclaire sets out to disprove the damning evidence against Holmes and to explain how the true villain committed a crime so ingenious that it ensnared the brilliant Mr. Holmes himself.

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