Green Storm (Chronicles of the Allmothers)

| April 26, 2019


The summoning chant echoes through the jungle as Val tries to understand what’s going on. She only came to find her missing brother. Now, she’s trying to remain hidden as the Seven use ancient magic to summon… something. But why are they killing people and what do they hope to gain?

Val is an assassin who returns to her hometown of Varhamn to find her missing brother. Like all magic users, she had gone to Alhana, hoping to never walk the six islands again.

Varhamn was fading before she left. Now there’s hardly any magic left in the city on the river. Or so she thought.

Something strange is going on in the jungle. So far, the ruling Council is doing their best to cover up the dead and missing people, claiming it’s an animal.

The annual Celebration is in just a few days. Val wants to be long gone by then. But she gets pulled into the mystery along with one of the Council members. Together they search the ancient temple and uncover long-forgotten secrets.

Will Varhamn survive more adversity? Will they?

Green Storm is a freestanding epic fantasy novella that takes place in the world of the Chronicles of the Allmothers series.


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