Grind His Bones (Jack Scully Thrillers)

| November 6, 2013


Grind His Bones (Jack Scully Thrillers)

Colby Clark has a penchant for murdering young women. And his billionaire father is ready to spend whatever it takes to keep him out of prison. The Clarks make their first mistake when they frame Jack Scully’s cousin Hugh for a double murder. Hugh’s the perfect patsy. He made headlines when he sicked his pit bull on a pair of Chihuahuas. But Scully isn’t buying. Nor is Scully’s girlfriend, Diane Marsh, the assistant medical examiner. She proves that the blood evidence against Hugh is fake. Now the Clarks go to Plan B: kill anyone who might cause trouble, including Diane. It’s a Killer Take All scenario. And Jack Scully’s running a day late and few billion dollars short.


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