Tea Party Teddy (The Teddy Saga)

| November 6, 2013


Tea Party Teddy (The Teddy Saga)

Best Seller Tea Party Teddy, is by Dianne Harman, author of Blue Coyote Motel, chosen as a quarter finalist in Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel Award contest, as well as the Book of the Month by Goodreads and e-thriller.

All Teddy ever wanted was to be a California State Legislator. When he puts his marriage and his reputation on the line to get there, will he survive as his world unravels?

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Nina Randall is the perfect political wife, but what happens when she finally admits her husband, Tea Party Teddy, cares more about politics than her? Will she be able to resist the romantic advances of Teddy’s handsome rival, Bob Silva, the founder of Republicans for Latinos? And after Teddy has told her that all of the problems in California are caused by illegal immigrants, can Bob convince her that the Republican Party needs to bring more Latinos into the Party?
Will Nina stand by Teddy? And why did the Family Values Forever organization strip Teddy of his Legislator of the Year Award? Was he set up? Was the FBI involved? Did he really have an affair with the mysterious woman pictured in the newspapers?
Romantic Suspense or Satire? You decide!




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