A Dead Red Heart

| April 30, 2019


What if your beating heart becomes the reason someone want you dead?

When a troubled, homeless veteran covers her vintage Cadillac with paper snowflakes, Lalla Bains decides a showdown is needed. Unfortunately, she arrives too late for that conversation finding him lying on the ground, stabbed with his own scissors.
As she kneels down to help a sound causes her to look up, and a figure is silhouetted against the late afternoon sun.
She calls out for help but the figure disappears, leaving Lalla shocked as she realizes a killer now has her marked for murder.


“Crime solvers- this is a must read to add insights into hearts and motives. Author Dahlke invites you to journey into her books in this series as well as previous and soon to be releases. I recommend this book with a high 5- star rating.” Valerie Caraotta (CONYERS, GA, US) – See all my reviews


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